Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Person I Marry-TOS review

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Suggested age 4-8

This is such a great book to share with your children, grandchildren, actually any child would love the pictures they remind me of Norman Rockwell type pictures but on a softer note.  This children's book is published by Bower Books and written by Gary Bower with an easy flowing verse that children enjoy listening to and is beautifully illustrated by Jan Bower, together they made a wonderful book that children will fall in love with.  This is such a grown up subject so I wondered how could it possibly be tackled so that children would enjoy it?  Well, Gary and Jan Bower are the parents to 12 children so they understand exactly what children need in a well written book.  

  The Person I Marry is a book that's not only beautiful, it was special meaning because it's talking about one of the most important people in a person's life, the person they will marry and how to pick a lifelong mate.  In this day and age when divorce is on the rise it's very important for our children to really think about the person they will marry, this book makes you think about the qualities you would like in the person you are going to marry.  The Person I Marry talks about keeping God number one in your marriage and praying with and for your spouse.  At the end of the book there is a page where you can write down the things you will look for in the "Person I Marry".  

One of the quotes from the jacket of the books says, "Long before thinking of diamonds and glitter, this book has some things you'll want to consider."  I agree you will want to consider everything in this book!  Click here to purchase The Person I Marry or to find out more info.  Another perk is that you can get your book autographed for FREE, just ask for it at checkout!  The Person I Marry can also be purchased at Amazon.

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