Monday, November 07, 2011

Homeschool Blog Awards Nominee

Just Wedeminute was nominated for "Best Super Homeschooler" and  "Best Homeschool Variety Blog"  and "Best Homemaking or Recipe Blog"  Head over and check out all of the plethora of homeschool blogs available and vote for your favorite in each category, of course I would love your vote but there are SO many others blogs that deserve a vote too, decide for yourself!

Not sure who nominated me but thank you VERY much, I was very honored and excited!  

I have several friends whose blogs were nominated also. 

 Check out
 Heidi's Head love all her Disney stuff, she's so fun

One of my BFF's Christy and she was nominated in at least 3 categories for 3 of her blogs Portraits of American Girlhood, We Love the Prairie Primer, and Mom of 2 Girly Girls

Toni for her honesty about homeschooling in This Simple Life

Michele for her thriftiness in My Blessings from Above

Melanie for her nature and fieldtrip blogging at Otherwise Educating

The TOS Homeschool Crew and I'm proud to say I'm a member of this crew

Jodi at The Homeschool Desk for all of her great variety

If I accidently missed seeing a friend that was nominated please comment or email me at Just Wedeminute and I will add your link!

Thanks for reading,

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