Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Pinterest Party Hop

I don't know if you are like me or not but I LOVE Pinterest!  I find some great ideas on Pinterest and I could just spend the day going from one new pin to the next but I haven't been showing these ideas to anyone because they have already been pinned.  I decided to host a Pinterest Party blog hop.  The only are rules are
1. Link up and show us what you've made this week from Pinterest
2. Leave me a comment so I know you linked up
3. Go to the person's blog in front of you and leave them a comment, everyone loves comments!
4. Have fun and make new friends.
(I'd love for you to take my button and put it on your blog but it's not required)

A couple of things that I've found from pinterest are 

Pizza Monkey Bread (I cooked mine a little too long)
Here's the link that it was pinned to Confections of a Foodie Bride
My family loved it and asked for it again!

Once a month we have a science day in our homeschool class and it's just a fun day to do all kinds of different science experiments that I have found.  This one was so fun and I found it on Pinterest.

Have your DNA and eat it too!  This link takes you to a webpage that explains everything!

Have  your DNA and eat it to was so fun, the kids loved eating an edible model of a DNA structure.

Thanks for reading,


Susan said...

Joining your Pinterest linky party! Check out the cute DIY tray I made using an old frame....have a great weekend! Susan @

Kim @ TatjanaGrace said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and leaving the wonderful comment on my tutorial!

Christy R said...

I just linked up! ;-)

Mika said...

What a fun blog hop! Hope you like my entry! Love you!!! Hugs!

i cant decide said...

Love the dna models. I totally need to do that activity with my kids.

Dawn said...

How fun! They did a great job making DNA!

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