Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Getting a pep talk from Shayna and Adam and then team prayer (so proud of Shayna for team prayer time)

Candy, Shayna and Adam...waiting. Shayna's shirt says I Love Zombies

Some of the zombie girls

Waiting on the latex to dry

Zombie moms and siblings, some of us dressed up to support the team! LOL, we looked good that day....LOL
Lillie's shirt says Zombie Mom and on the back Go Danielle, it was so cute!

The kids being dramatic after their big win!

Kenzie with the team trophy

This was Sunday at the finale

My little Princess is looking a lil frightening

Shayna working her magic with the makeup

This was the last time for the zombies to dance together (or so we thought) and they were AMAZING!!! 1st place trophy, Excellence in Dance award and then they were asked to come back on Sunday and dance in the finale at the dance off. They totally rocked it! Hard work and dedication by all of the team and especially from Shayna. We ♥ you Shayna!!! This team had so many obstacles to overcome, they had 3 or 4 members drop off the team and they had to add new members in that had to learn the dance and 1 week before nationals we had a new guy join and he had to learn the whole dance in just a week...way to go Blake, Stacy and Shayna for making that work out!
Shayna got some of that liquid latex and painted ugly, nasty scars all over their faces and then put the zombie makeup overtop and it was NASTY but looked great! These kids were really dedicated by coming in 2-3 hrs early to get hair, makeup and costumes on before each performance!

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Jenn said...

AWESOME JOB KIDDO'S!!!! A lot of real hard work paid off! Congratulations!!

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