Saturday, July 31, 2010

Answers to Blue Hole questions

UPDATE: Prices have changed.  It's $10 per car to get in, $15 per night to camp with no electric and $20 per night with electric.

I have been getting a lot of emails about the Blue Hole in Salina, OK so here are some answers to the many questions.

1. Q:  Is it really cold?  A: Yes, it's spring fed so it's really cold and feels great on these hot 100 degree days!

2. Q: How much is it?  A: $5 per carload for the day and $10 to camp overnight

3. Q: What are the hours? A: Sunday-Thursday 9am-9pm and Friday and Saturday 9am-10pm and they usually close for the winter after Labor Day weekend

4. Q: Do they have bathrooms? A: Yes, but they aren't always reliable, sometimes they are closed and most of the time no toilet paper (hint... bring your own)

5. Q: Do they have a place to buy food? A: Yes, it's concession type food like popcorn, pizza, hamburgers, snow cones, french fries, etc and they have very reasonable prices.  You also have the option of bringing food in and yes they have picnic tables but they don't have a lot of them.

6. Q: What do I need to bring?  A: This is what I personally like to bring, drinks (no alcohol permitted), snacks, bug spray, sunblock or sunscreen, towels, a blanket for the kids to rest on, chairs (the ones in the bag that you bring to ball games sit very well in the shallow water), floats, rafts, inner tube, floaties or life vest for little ones(it does get deep in the middle), crock shoes or swim shoes (the waterfall area is very slick), my kids like to bring goggles so they can dive down and look for fish (the water is very clear and you can see everything),a bucket to hold the minnows that the kids catch, a small net to chase minnows with and I usally bring bandaids and some small type of first aide kit too.

7. Q: How do I get there?  A: From Tulsa, go east on RT 412 to Locust Grove then north (left turn) on RT 82 to Salina. In Salina, find Kenwood Rd. and go east for about 7 miles to the park.

We come from Owasso so we just head to Claremore on Hwy 20 and just take 20 East to Salina, when we are in Salina we just follow the road all the way to the 4 way stop and keep going straight and then follow the winding road for 7 miles and Blue Hole is on the right side.

8. Q: What is the phone #?  A: 918-434-5507 and the owners name is Wanda!

9. Q: Is there really a rope swing? A: Yes, follow the creek that leads out of the Blue Hole and it leads to a smaller hole and that's where the rope swing is at. UPDATE:I'm sad to say that the rope swing is now gone.  A storm came through and the large tree that the rope swing hung on was destroyed.

If you have anymore questions please email me and I will try to find out for you!


Dawn said...

You did a great job with the Q & A!!!

Blue Hole is the best summer place for a day trip around here! =)

6 Happy Hearts said...

Blue Hole ROCKS!
I couldn't comment on your first two posts?! Oh well, your blog looks great! Cute vacay pics : )

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