Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Korea Camp 2010

Every year we sign our kids up for Korean culture camp, since they are adopted from S. Korea we feel it's our duty to help them learn more about their Korean culture plus they get to hang out with all the other kids that were adopted from Korea and they are building a lifetime of memories!  If you would like your children to attend Korean culture camp you can click here and you don't have to be Korean to attend.  Here is a slideshow of the pics from camp, hope you enjoy it!  The kids also get to see that their are a lot of other kids that look just like them, with beautiful almond shaped eyes and that gorgeous skin tone and the glossy, black hair.  They learn how to handle racial comments or hurtful comments about adoption, this is very useful, you would be surprised at all of the inappropriate questions we get asked about Korea and the adoption process.
Oh, it also gives us parents a nice time to visit and attend classes like Korean cooking class,  workshops on how to be better parents to our adopted children, and we hear from Korean birthmoms and learn more about the Korean culture and the guys go golfing a lot of the time!

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