Sunday, January 24, 2010

My favorite lipstick EVER!!

Over the years I've used many, many different brands of lipstick and they are all pretty close to the same as far as I could tell until I tried Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor in #1 Nude and let me tell you it ROCKS!!! You put it on in the morning and don't have to worry about it again all day long and I've had many people ask me about it especially when I've been scrapbooking for hours and hours and then we ate dinner and nobody ever saw me re-touch my lipstick because I hadn't!! It really does last and last and as you can tell by the picture I need some more because mine is gone! If you have a favorite make up and you love it please post about it or leave me a comment.


Dawn said...

That's great to know. My aunt bought me a lipstick thingie that is sort of like that. One end has a gloss and the other end has the color. It's by Chanel and called Ultra Wear lip Colour. It seriously can't be washed off! LOL!

I'd like to get a new color. Next time I'm out I'll try yours. I'm sure it has to be more reasonably priced than Chanel. LOL! I refuse to spend a lot on make-up.

Thanks for sharing!!!

Just Wedeminute said...

Dawn I think it's like $10 or so and I LOVE it! I might try that Chanel one sometime too, I kinda have a lipstick obsession!

Dawn said...

$10 is right up my alley! LOL!

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