Sunday, January 10, 2010

Frozen bubbles

Our breath was so warm that they wouldn't freeze right away and you had to wait, I wish we would have gotten our bubble blower out, that would have been really cool!

It was cold waiting for them to freeze!

This one is frozen

So is this one

We have a bubble science experiment kit and the kids have been having so much fun doing all of the bubble experiments in it but we couldn't do the frozen bubble experiment because it's been so warm in Oklahoma until the past week, it's been FREEZING which is exactly what we needed. All you do is go outside and blow bubbles in the cold and they actually freeze and you can play with them longer then normal bubbles and when they POP you see tiny ice flying in the air, it's very cool! And they make beautiful pictures if you have a great camera and if you want to see these click here this guy has a great camera and captured some magnificent photos of frozen soap bubbles, they are just amazing click through all of his photos to see the bubbles burst in the air and you can even see the ice crystals!

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