Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lincoln Logs

Our kids have really enjoyed playing with Lincoln Logs over the past couple of years and this year when Kevin's parents asked what they wanted they both told them Lincoln Logs and Grandpa ended up finding a pink set for Kenzie, wow was she so excited and happy about that! We are using the Prairie Primer curriculum this year which requires that you read all of the Little House books so while we listen to them on CD the kids play with their Lincoln Logs and I crochet. I was so happy to find these books on tape because I read to my kids ALL of the time and they read to me but this was something a little different for us and we have really enjoyed them. Do you have a favorite books series that you have listened to on tape or CD??? Let me know what it is. Over the summer I am thinking about trying to find The Chronicles of Narnia on CD!

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