Saturday, January 02, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009...plans have changed

Feeling better, right before he was sent home!

Some of the visitor..this round was family!

This year we planned our annual New Year's Eve party again and plans quickly changed. Dec. 31st we were putting up Christmas decorations and I was making snacks and getting things ready for the party and Kevin was outside shoveling the walks so none of our guests would slip and fall. I walked into the living room and noticed that Kevin had collapsed by our front door so I ran over and started shaking him and calling his name for about 3 minutes and was just getting ready to call 911 when he came to and said, "Oh, I'm fine" and went and got into bed and started watching the OU game. I was very concerned so I called my sis in law Tiffany and talked to her and she didn't like it and wanted me to call 911 immediately. Kevin didn't want to go and said he would be just fine so I started call everyone and cancelling the party because I just didn't feel right about continuing with the party when he had passed out. I was watching Kevin and he started shaking and was mumbling and slurring his words so I went ahead and called 911 they got here in like 2 minutes...the were VERY quick! Makenzie had called my mom and she was on her way but was till about 20 minutes away and I really wanted to be at the hospital with Kevin and all of the sudden a neighbor from around the corner stops at our house and runs up to the door and says she will stay with the kids until someones else can get here....Thank you Jesus and thank you Shelly! I follow the ambulance and can see them working on Kevin starting an I.V. etc and as I'm driving I'm calling people to start praying for Kevin and to let family know that we are headed to the hospital, I get in touch with our friend Christy and ask her if one of them can go to our house until my mom gets there and her husband is at Reasors so he heads over to stay with the kids until my mom gets there.

I'm so thankful for our family and friends that helped us during this time!!! Thanks everyone that helped, either by prayer, bringing food or drinks, or just visiting we appreciate all of you!

We get to the hospital and there are not any rooms available in the ER until the ER drivers insist that they get Kevin a room ASAP! They find him one quickly and send me out to the waiting room. I ask several times to go back and be with Kevin but they won't let me so I was totally freaking out and then Korey and Tiffany show up (Kevins brother and SIL) and I calmed down some. They finally let us back with Kevin and he is still out of it, not really knowing what is going on, slurring his words, talking gibberish and looks HORRIBLE! Before you know it a bunch of people start showing up in the waiting room to check on Kevin because wouldn't you know it my phone has totally lost power!!! We are so thankful for our church family because several of them showed up to pray with Kevin and to just be there for him. After many hours in the ER the doctor decided to admit Kevin to the hospital and to run a bunch of tests on him, please don't ask me to name them all because I can't ever remember all of them it was a very confusing, frustrating night and New Year's Day was just a day of waiting for more tests to be run. Kevin and I hardly got any sleep that night because the nurses kept coming in about every 30 min. to run tests and then his monitors kept going off all night was a LOOOOOOOOOOONG night! About 5ish on Jan. 1st, 2010 they released him with the diagnosis of extreme exhaustion. HMMMM, working UPS for the past 4 months at least 60 hours per week and not taking his lunch breaks on most days just might do that to you huh! So if you happen to see Kevin please tell him to take it easy and get some rest! He needs that reminder from EVERYONE!!!

We've had many people call and ask if we need anything and I just wanted to thank all of you! Christy R has set up a calendar of meals and we really appreciate her hard work!!! Thanks Christy for all that you do for others you are not only Super Mom but a Super Friend too!!

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LJ said...

Wow! I am SO sorry Kevin has been ill. I'm behind on blog reading, so just read your posting. How scary for you.
Take care!

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