Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duct tape jacket

For dance this year Kylan's team all needed to have matching jackets or vests and they are supposed to be black and bright green so that was hard to find until one of the mom's came up with the idea to duct tape their costume. It was fun and super easy. All you need is plenty of duct tape in your color (whatever that might be) and a t-shirt that's a little big on your child. Start in the back and duct tape long strips and make sure they overlap each other. Work small pieces around the arm holes and the neck. When the shirt is totally covered then cut it up the front and ta da it's a duct tape jacket or vest. We are going to finish it later with cool sleeves and do something crazy with the collar but not sure what.

Here are some websites that have more duct tape costumes on them
Duct tape super heroes
Duct tape fashions
Duct tape proms outfits
Duct Tape Guys


Steph said...

awesome idea....where is the best place to find duct tape??

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Awesome idea, and the lighting will reflect very well! Very creative!

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