Sunday, July 19, 2009

National dance competition-2009

Here comes some major braggin from a proud mama so please just leave tons of comments and tell me you love my makes me feel good! LOL! Kenzie is in this dance group in Tulsa called Fearless Force and let me tell you that they rocked the National competition in Branson, MO and won 2nd place! We are so super duper proud of them because it's the first year that many of them have EVER danced and they only started learning their dance in October and when they first competed they only had 4 in their dance crew and now it's 6. We just adore their dance teachers Shayna and Adame...they are sent from God above to teach our kids to dance! I'm not kidding either they truly have a heart to reach out to kids through dance and they have more patience then ANYONE I have EVER seen and they LOVE these kids like crazy! Anyway, if I can ever get the video to load I will add it on here so you can see it but until then you will just have to settle for the photos!

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1 comment:

Kate said...

This is so neat -- you have every right to be a proud momma! And I think their costumes are right on! Great to see you guys today. Have a great weekend!

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