Saturday, July 18, 2009

A life well lived.

Today we went to a funeral for a friend of the family that was 96 yrs young and let me tell you she was such an AMAZING woman. When it's your time to go what are people going to say about you? Are they going so say ohhhh she had such nice hair, such a great house, drove a great car, etc.?? I don't want them to say that about me! I want it said that I lived my life for God, they KNEW for a FACT that I was in heaven, that I was a great mom to my children and a wonderful wife to my husband, that I was a friend they could ALWAYS count on, that she faced challenges head on, she loved her family and me that is a life well lived. Juanita was all of these things and more! As we sat and listened to people talk about her life it was so amazing she really tried to live life to the fullest and live in the here and now and she took advantage of all that life offered her. When friends would ask her to go somewhere her standard answer was, "If you don't want me to go don't ask me!" and I LOVE that answer it showed what a zest for life she had! It was very sad to see her go we KNOW for a FACT that she's up in heaven with her husband Paul and that she's probably super busy visiting with all the friends she has up in heaven and I'm sure she a great big smile on her face just like she always did in life! Juanita's was definitely A Life Well Lived! What is your opinion of a life well lived? Is it family, God, your church, friends, status in your community, money, what REALLY matters in your life? I want to know so please leave me a comment!
One day this week I got onto goggle reader and started reading all of the blogs that I follow and it was the saddest thing a young mommy blogger died and is leaving behind her family and a 4 week old baby...this was so sad to me and it really got me to thinking and then when Juanita died this week too it REALLY got me to thinking about why do we hold grudges against those we love (friends, family, etc.), why do we try to "keep up with the neighbors", why do we do all of these meaningless things??? I know it's human nature but I am going to try to change and become a MUCH better person....I want you to see God in my life! What about you? Has something happened in your life that make you stop and reflect??? I want to see a bunch of comments please!!!

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