Sunday, July 05, 2009

4th of July celebrations

This year we had several 4th of July celebrations and it all started off with the celebration at our friend Ashley's house on the 2nd of July. She was a wonderful hostess and we enjoyed lots of yummy food, visiting with friends and the kids loved the giant water slide!

On the 3rd of July we went to our friend Christy's house for a homeschool celebration and bike parade. It was so adorable all of the kids decorated their bikes or scooters and then rode around the cul de sac. We had such a fun time visiting with other homeschoolers, playing in the sprinkler and Christy had called an ice cream truck to stop by so the kids LOVED that!

Finally on the 4th we had a party at our house and it looked like it might get rained out but we ended up with a sunshiney day by the time the party started. We ate, visited, the kids swam and played in the hot tub (don't ask me how they could stand the heat) and then we let off some fireworks and watched them all around our neighborhood. The police showed up and told us it was a $500 fine if you were caught letting off anything higher then the roof of your house. WOW that's quite a fine...we were not fined though. They just gave us a warning. The fireworks in the neighborhood went off until around was WAY too late and we were in bed and still hearing them!

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