Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Grace Effect-a book review and giveaway

The Grace Effect

How the Power of One Life Can Reverse the Corruption of Unbelief

In The Grace Effect, author Larry Taunton shares his and his family’s journey to Ukraine to adopt their daughter, Sasha. He exposes the exploitation of children and corruption of government of a society that has made atheism the state religion, if unofficially and details about their adoption journey. Taunton coins the phrase “The Grace Effect” to show what happens when Christians influence their world individually, publicly and privately, to the benefit of everyone, even unbelievers.  It's a fantastic book and serves as a reminder that Christians are definitely the salt of the earth.
Almost everyone that reads my blog knows that I have adopted both of my precious children so this book was very interesting to me because it shows a different side of adoption that I have never seen, Korean adoption is VERY friendly and the Korean orphanages are very nice unlike the orphanages that are described in this book.  I don't know if you know all about the struggles, mountain of paperwork, tears, crying out to God and heartache we went through during the adoption process but of course my kids are well worth it in the end and I would do it all over again.  This book gives you a peek into the world of Ukrainian adoption and into the heart and mind of a young Ukrainian girl and her new family.

I'm excited to giveaway a copy of the Grace Effect for one of my readers.  Just fill out the rafflecopter form below.  The giveaway ends on November 18th and winner will be contacted on November 19th, 2011.

The Grace Effect can be purchased at Amazon by clicking here.

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