Monday, June 08, 2009

Opening a coconut

Trying to get off all of that tough outer husk

The coconut with the outer husk pulled off

Hammering the nail into the eyes to get out the milk

This is the coconut split in 1/2

While in Mexico Kylan found a coconut and he stuck it in our beach bag and we've had it ever since. I wasn't sure if they would let us bring it back to the US but customs did let us. So, we've had this coconut and hadn't opened it yet. It's a pretty small coconut and still had the husk (the hard outer shell) so Kevin got a hammer out and started pulling that stuff off and we finally got to the round coconut that everyone is used to seeing! Then, we got a nail and hammered it into each of the 3 eyes on the end of the coconut and then we poured out the coconut was really more like water and the kids drank it. We then cracked it open and scooped out the coconut meat on the inside. It's really yummy! Kylan was so excited that we finally opened his little coconut!!!

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