Monday, June 29, 2009

Thrifty makeovers

These were only .50cents each and I thought a good coat of spray paint or maybe some stain and I could make them into a shelf....unless you have another idea.
Everyday my friend Sarah and I walk the neighborhood and everyday we would see these things laying by the curb just calling for someone to take them and every day we would talk about taking them until last Thursday...trash day. I decided that if Sarah didn't take them then I would! I drove over and the trash men were trying to decide if they should throw them in the trash truck and I told them I wanted them and they said "Good we thought they were too good to throw away but we weren't sure"

So, I've never been one to dumpster dive and I actually didn't have to get in a dumpster this time but they were someones trash and now my treasure!

This past Sat. I was out and about and decided to go to some garage sales. I found some items that I thought could use some makeovers but I'm not sure EXACTLY what I'm going to do with everything yet. Kimba at A Soft Place to Land always has great ideas and Traci at The Bakery turned a coffee table into an amazing pet bed....if you have any ideas for what I can do with these things PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE leave me comment! Also, don't forget about my 500th post's coming up soon!

My fav. thrifty makeover was Kenzie's ugly chair into a cute chair!

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LJ said...

You could make those scroll things into nice bookends. You could also use them to dress up the sides of a boring fireplace (we have something similar on one of our fireplaces).
I want to come garage-saleing with got some great deals in your earlier post! We'll be in Tulsa next weekend for China camp...let me know if there are certain neighborhoods with great sales! :-)

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