Friday, June 26, 2009

Another garage sale extravaganza!

Kylan .50 cent clothes

Kylan's shirts were $1.00 each

This was a 3 piece travel set in perfect condition for $1 for all 3 pcs.

This was the best deal of all. Makenzie has a look a like American Girl that looks just like her but we have been reading all about Josephina because she's from NM and that's where I was born and the kids have been to NM almost every year since they came to the USA so it really brings that story to life for them. We found Josephina for $40 and she was still in her box!

Makenzie also got the American Girl PJ's for $10 which included the doll PJ's and the child size...her size and both of them had slippers and a sleep mask! Too cute!!

She also got the Greece outfit for her and the doll for $10 including the matching necklaces for both of them!

Kenzie's clothes

Last year I hit the jackpot at several garage sales in our town and this year I hit it again but it was all at 1 garage sale!

Since Makenzie is dancing so much she is wearing out the knees in all of her dance clothes because they have several slides in their dance this year so I bought her 8 pairs of dance pants and they were .50 cents each, 3 outfits that are 2 or more pcs per outfit for $1 each and a cute Christmas dress for $1, 2 camo shirts, 1 leather jacket $1, a pr of black velvet pants and shrug both from Justice for $1. Actually most of these clothes were from Justice which just happens to be Kenzie fav. store.
Kevin and I didn't get anything but that's OK we don't really NEED anything! It sure was fun shopping for my kiddos though. Have you gotten a good find on anything lately???
Now, who wants to go garage selling with me today or tomorrow???


Traci @ The Bakery said...

WOOHOO! Super finds!! I had to stay home today to get some stuff done around this house....WAHHHHH.

Christy R said...

Man! You find the best deals!!! Take me with you next time!!!

Gigi said...

You are absoultely amazing. I never find good stuff like that. Wonderful shopping
Love you Grandma

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