Friday, May 29, 2009


Every morning my friend Sarah and I get up and walk and I am always telling her the funny things that Kylan says so she said I needed to post them on the blog as "Kylanism's" so here they are.

Mom, I need to walk every morning with you and Sarah because I have too many pounds but I don't know what they are.
Ms. Leah says I have lots of pounds but I still don't know what pounds are

My mom tells Kylan that he's a comedian and he says, "No I'm not I'm Korean"

Kylan gained like 9 lbs while on our cruise and he tells us everyday, "I sure do miss all of that good food from the cruise"

Before we went on the cruise Kylan didn't want to leave the house in shorts because he said his legs were to white and that Koreans are supposed to be tan. I tell him that if he will wear shorts then his legs will start getting tanner but if he wear pants then his legs will stay white and he turns to me and says, "Mom, it's just a vicious circle"....where did he get that??

He walks out of his room the other morning and says, "Mom, my cranium hurts"...that means he has a headache!

Kylan has been calling any type of sunglasses, glasses or reading glasses "spectacles" since he was about 3 yrs old! I just love his choice in words...too cute!

If you have something funny that he has said to you then email me and I will add it!

Kylan told us that he loved wearing his "tuck" while on the cruise and that he wants to wear it again sometime. Not a tux but a tuck!

Anytime he wants something and I tell him it's not in the budget at this time he tells me to just put it on my credit card or write a check for it because that's not "real" money.

Kylan ALWAYS says that Kevin's favorite color is brown. We wondered why until he told us well dad wears it everyday so he must just love brown! What can brown do for you??? Kevin works for UPS...LOL!!

When Kylan refers to the ship that we sailed on for our cruise he says, "Crew ship" because we were always telling him that the people that work on the ship are called the crew so he thought it was a "crew ship" not a cruise ship.

Kylan used to call Aunt Lori.....Uncle Larry! We thought that was so funny!

He also calls one of the guys from our small group at church Mr. Christy because he's married to Ms. Christy and he couldn't remember Steve's name so he just thought it was logical to call him Mr. Christy!

Anytime I ask him to help me and he thinks it's too hard he says, "I'm just a 7 yr old little kid"...ok like flushing the toilet and washing your hands is too hard for a 7 yr old! PLEASE!!!

This is a post from Grammy, "He asked me to marry him. He talked about it for weeks. He even showed me the eye ball ring he was going to buy me for my wedding ring. Then one day, he called and said, "Grammy I have loved you since the moment I saw you, but I can't marry you. I'm really sorry but I can't marry you because you are too old. And old ladies can't have babies, and I want a wife that can have a baby, I'm really sorry though". He was so serious about it, I just said well that's okay, thank God I'm too old to have babies. and God will have the right wife for you when you're old enough. That boy is so cute. I think this is a great thing for your blog. You will probably write a book. I will think of the other things he says. They are so funny"


Steph said...

that was way too funny. it is amazing how many funny things he has said. glad you wrote them down!

Sandra said...

Mr. Christy works for me! I love that one. =)

Christy R said...

Those are too funny! Glad you wrote them down! Kylan can always put a smile on your face ;-)

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