Sunday, May 03, 2009

Makenzie has angels watching over her!

Makenzie with her bag of from her BFF
Kylan playing doctor

Makenzie playing doctor with a Webkin

The kids were playing hospital and all of the webkinz were the patients

After Makenzie was feeling better her and I were playing with my phone taking pictures and playing games because she was really bored.

Early on Friday morning I woke up to a terrible sound, I jumped out of bed opened my door and found Makenzie on the other side of it struggling to breathe. I picked her up and carried her to the couch and asked what was wrong but she didn't have enough air to talk and was a purplish blue color so I dialed 911 and spoke with the dispatcher. The dispatcher could hear Makenzie struggling to breathe and told me to stay on the line until the ambulance arrived. At that point I yelled for Kevin to please get up and come help me, he jumped out of bed fully awake (which is a miracle because I usually have to shake him to wake him) and ran to the living room, I handed him the phone and tucked a blanket around Makenzie because she was shaking so badly and held her in my lap and continued praying for her. Kevin went outside to watch for the ambulance and as soon as they pulled up they put her on the gurney and hooked her up to some machines and asked which hospital we wanted her taken to. I told them my preference and noticed them glance at each other so I then asked which was closer and they said they other one so we changed it to the other one and hopped in the ambulance and took off with Makenzie clutching my hand tightly and tears streaming down her little face and a panicked look in her eyes. I just kept holding her hand telling her it would be OK and praying for her the whole time and the next thing I know her little hand went limp and her eyes rolled back in her head and she started convulsing and the paramedic said to the driver, "Floor it we are losing her", this was one of the most terrifying moments in my entire life and I just felt the blood drain out of my face and I thought I was going to faint. He then asked me if they had permission to intubate her if they needed to and I said , "yes, of course" he put another mask over top of the little oxygen line that he had on her and said it should help and within seconds she was breathing normally and he said her oxygen level had gone from 27% to 100%. The color started coming back to her face and she was already starting to breathe better. As they rolled her into the ER I felt relief and knew that she was going to be OK. In about 10 minutes Kevin and his mom showed up and told me that Grandpa was with Kylan at home. Makenzie was doing so much better by now and smiled at them. We stayed at the ER for a couple of hours so they could monitor her and do some chest X-rays and then she was released but the DR told me to go get all of her meds right then because she was going to need them. In the end she is on 6 different meds. a breathing treatment and an inhaler but she's doing great right now. She's sleeping with us at night so I can monitor her and she's not allowed to leave the house until Wednesday for a doctor's checkup but she seems fine. She's very thankful to all of our friends and family that have called and emailed her and one of her BFF's dropped of a Get Well Soon bag with a bunch of goodies and a balloon...this really perked her up! Please continue to pray for her that the pneumonia and croup are totally gone and that she is totally healed without any physical restrictions because she's such an active little girl!

The doctor's at the hospital were really great with Makenzie because they put all of her masks and tubing in a bag for her and Kylan to play doctor with and they even sent a mask home for Kylan. We were in such a hurry that Kenzie left the house with no shoes or slippers on so they gave her a little pair of footies to wear home so her feet wouldn't be cold. I'm so glad that we changed our mind and decided to go to Bailey because they were GREAT and I would recommend this hospital to all of our friends and family!!

Psalm 91:11-12 (New International Version)
11 For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways;
12 they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone

Luke 4:10-11 (New Living Translation)
10 For the Scriptures say,
‘He will order his angels to protect and guard you. 11 And they will hold you up with their hands so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.’[a]”


My Blessings From Above said...

Oh how scary! I am so happy Makenzie is ok!

Mamma Cakes said...

Wow! That must have been just terrifying! I am so glad she is doing better. I remember when we almost lost Nathan, you just are never the same again.

The 4-Crows Blog said...

I knew something had happened from FB, but never imagined it this bad. She is in my continuous prayers.

Kate said...

What an absolutely terrifying event! I'm so grateful and happy she's okay and that you had a such a positive experience with the medics and the hospital. God bless and we hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

hey girl....i'm sooooooo sorry that you even had to go through this!!!! just reading it made me cry!!!! i talked to kevin on saturday and i knew something had happened, but didn't know what until he told me! OMG!! makes me think of that amy grant song..."angels watchin' over me, every step i take...angels watchin' over meeeeeeeee"....i'm so thankful that everything was just fine!!! i'm sorry that you ever had to see your sweet baby girl like that, afraid....but PRAISE JESUS!!!!! for her life! bless you! (and....a little side note: if yer hubby hadn't run and flapped his jaw with me for more than half the race i probably woulda passed OUT! i missed you!!! next time!!!) blessings!!!

Christy R said...

Wow! I can't believe that happened! I bet that was so scary! She definitely did have angels watching over her! We'll keep praying for continued healing - keep us posted and let us know if you need ANYTHING!

LJ said...

Gosh, what a scare! SO glad Kenzie is ok!!

Steph said...

oh my goodness girl. i just cannot even imagine. i am so so thankful for God's protection. she is such an amazing girl. may the Lord strengthen her and may their be no more complications. we love you guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad she liked her little gift bag, Peyt was worried about her!! We are very thankful that she is doing so much better!! We can't wait to hear that she gets released on Wed. and we'll get to have an adventure.. Love & miss you guy~ Leah & lil P ♥

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