Monday, December 08, 2008

Oh Christmas tree!

One of our traditions every year that we really enjoy is decorating our Christmas tree together as a family. Makenzie and I usually set it up and Kevin puts up the lights then we all decorate it and talk about each ornament as we put them on the tree. I know many friends have these gorgeous trees with beautiful ornaments on them but ours is all a hodge podge of ornaments that the kids have made, that have been given to us by friends and family, we have some that were on our Grandparents trees before they went on to heaven, we have some from when we were children (I have one from the yr I was born), and when we go on vacation we always pick out a special ornament to remember our trip by. So, even though our tree may not be as beautiful as many of them are it's very sentimental to our family. Tell us about your tree or trees!
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