Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas traditions

We always have gone to a Christmas Eve service at church and this year they had a candle light service, we sang Christmas songs, had communion and our Pastor gave a short talk about was a beautiful service and I am SO happy that we have decided to join Discovery it's a perfect fit for our family. We weren't sure if Kevin would be able to make the service since it was early at 5:30 pm and this year was so busy for UPS since DHL is going out of business but Kevin walked in wearing his UPS uniform and only about 20 min late. After church he told our pastor he was sorry for wearing his uniform but Derk said he was just happy to see Kevin and didn't care what he wore and that God doens't care either!

After playing with some friends this past week they told her that Santa wasn't real and Makenzie asked me about it so I had to tell her the truth that Santa isn't real. I was so sad because we always have so much fun putting out the Santa key (we don't have a chimney because our fireplace is gas), leaving him milk and cookies, leaving reindeer food, and calling to talk to Santa on Christmas Eve. She has told Kylan now so both of them don't believe in Santa anymore....they are growing up so quickly and I just wanted this one fun childhood thing to last a little longer but no such luck. At least Makenzie waited to tell Kylan about Santa until AFTER Christmas was over.

We also have a tradition of the kids opening 1 gift on Christmas eve and it ALWAYS just happens to be new PJ's. This year was no exception! Kenzie got cute penguin PJ's from Justice (her favorite girls store) and Kylan got Star Wars ones...I think almost everything he got this year was Star Wars!

We also make sugar cookies every year and decorate them. This year Kylan helped make them but didn't want to decorate so he was the photographer while Gigi, Kenzie and I decorated them. I can really tell that Kenzie's decorating skills are getting better since learning cake decorating at Girls Club!

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AustinFamily said...

WHAT Santa isn't real? Wait a minute we need to talk! Ha Ha Ha... I can't believe how grown up the kids are! Everything needs to slow down huh?

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