Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas fun!

This year Santa (now they know if was mom and dad) brought the kids Rock Band for the Wii! We have been having so much fun playing it...Gigi, Kevin, and Grammy are even joining in on the fun!

Aunt Kat emailed me earlier in the year and asked for measurements for the kids and I told her that if she wanted to make Makenzie something I had a great idea. The idea was from when we went to Little House on the Prairie Makenzie was really wanting one of the Prairie outfits but I don't well enough to make a cute dress, bonnet and apron but Aunt Kat does! She found an adorable Holly Hobby pattern and used it to make Kenzie, Paige and Brooke prairie outfits. Makenzie was SO excited and can't wait to wear it! Kenzie has some girlfriends that also have prarie outfits so she wants to get together with them and play sometime soon!
Another tradition is that I make sausage souffle every Christmas for breakfast it's such a yummy recipe that I got from my mother in law.

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Christy R said...

Love the Little House on the Prarie outfits! We'll definitely have to have a playdate soon so they can wear them!!!

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