Saturday, September 27, 2008

Garage sale extravaganza-my latest project revealed

Oh, it looks like I need to turn the cushion around so that the prints are going the same direction but that's an easy fix.

Opps sorry this one is blurry

OK, that chair doesn't look as bad on the blog as it did in person. It was so dusty and the fabric was red velvet that was really old and nasty. Let me know what you think about the update! It turned out exactly like I envisioned it would when I saw it sitting in the driveway at the garage sale.

As soon as Kenzie cleans her room I will take a picture of it sitting at her computer desk in her room. Her bedroom is black and white zebra print with pink leopard print accents so I thought this would look adorable with all her animal prints! I know that this may not be every one's taste in fabric but it's perfect for our 8 yr olds room. She adores all thing girly so I can't wait for her to come home and see this. I will have to wait until tomorrow because she's with Grammy for a Girls Night out at the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum and then will stay the night and go to church with Grammy and her cousins.

Let me know if you see something that could improve it because I would love your constructive criticism.

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