Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cast iron skillet pizza

Anytime I'm looking for a sumptuous recipe I ALWAYS go to my best friend Mika's blog first and this time was no exception.  If you've been following me for very long then you know that Mika and I met 15 years ago when we both adopted our beautiful daughters from South Korea.   We've developed a friendship that's more like family and enjoy spending as much time with them as we can.
Mika and Bailey on the right and Kenzie and I are on the left.  This was a Dillon picnic when the girls were just around 1 year.

Mika has this amazing blog called Mika's Pantry and she is definitely a foodie, if you want the most amazing recipes click on her link now!  She makes these pizza's that are so mouth watering and are to die for.  They have a pizza oven grill and make up new pizza's all the time.  Last time we visited she made a BBQ pizza that was out of this world.  Now, she's into cast iron cooking and of course she HAD to make pizza in it and I had to try my hand at it too.

First I placed the dough in a greased 12" skillet and then covered it with a disposable shower cap.  Shower cap???  I buy them in bulk for really cheap and then use them like you would those more expensive covers from the grocery store.  They're great for 1/2 a watermelon or anything that's an awkward size and shape.

 So the big secret that everyone shared with me was that you need a very hot oven like 450-500 degrees so the crust get a nice crunch to it.  For more info click here and read Mika's detailed instructions!

It's really deep dish and delicious!

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