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Supercharged Science Review

Have you ever wanted to take a class taught by a real rocket scientist?  If you answered YES then Supercharged Science would be perfect for you.  Aurora Lipper is the brains behind Supercharged Science and yes she's an actual rocket scientist!!
 We were chosen to review the e-Science course which can be used with any age, K-12th but we are specifically reviewing the K-8th subscription. e-Science will run you $37 a month for the K-8 plan, or $57 for the K-12 plan.  
Everything in this program has been so fun and amazed us.  We could spend all day every day on science because our family enjoys it so much.  Aurora has wonderful videos (over a 1,000) and fantastic customer service.  If you have questions about an experiment just email her and she's right back to you very quickly.  Have you ever tried an experiment and it didn't work?  With e-science you can easily figure out why it didn't work by watching the step by step video that accompanies each and every science experiment. 
I was a little apprehensive about starting a new science program in the middle of the year and wondered if I would have to buy a bunch of things that were hard to find but no that hasn't been the case at all.  Most items were things we already had laying around the house.
The e-Science programs includes:

Self-guided lessons that kids can complete on their own

Unlimited support for teachers and students
  Amazing video instruction taught by Aurora who is a real Rocket Scientist

Exercises and Quizzes

Step by step videos so you know exactly how to get your experiments done

Parent/teacher guides

Textbook readings

Goes beyond most K-8th State Standards

How we used the program:

I let my 5th and 7th graders look through the e-science website and write down what they were interested in the most.  We had some subjects that overlapped between the two of them so we started with those first and watched the videos, worked on some worksheets that we printed off and of course did some fun experiments.  After a couple of weeks working together the kids went off in their own directions and worked on projects separately.  I would print off worksheets for them and make sure we had supplies but they basically took over science each day.  Several days I found them discussing how fun this program is and that they don't really think it should be called science, it's too much fun!  I LOVE to hear that. 

Both of my kids loved the Hidden Carbon Dioxide experiments that can be found in Unit 8: Chemistry Part 1 in the Molecules Unit.  Of course this unit was fascinating to them because it was all about burping!  They laughed and laughed and burped and burped some more...crazy kids!  Then, we used the CO2 like a fire extinguisher and "poured" it onto a lit candle and the candle went out! If you try this at home make sure you don't get any liquid on the candle just the gas is enough to extinguish the flame, this is a great experiment to drive home that you can't see gas but it's still there!

Fun fact:  If you burped in Antarctica in the wintertime, it would begin to freeze as soon as it left your lips. The freezing temperature of CO2 is -109oF, and Antarctic winters can get down to -140oF.

If your child is a visual learner then this would be a wonderful science curriculum because of the videos, pictures and simple step by step lessons.

We are so excited that e-Science also offers Summer e-camp (June 1-August 31, 2013) we are thinking about hosting a science camp for some of our homeschool friends.
  Next year when it's time for the Science Fair with our homeschool group we've got it covered because with Supercharged Science, they have a whole section on science fair experiments.  Whew, that's going to help me out so much because as most of you know mom and dad have quite a hand in the science fair projects (at least we do).
Like I mentioned before, the Supercharged e-Science program is a complete online curriculum for children in grades K-12 and retails for $37.00/ month for the K-8 section and $57.00/month for the 9-12 section.

One thing I really appreciated about this program was the fact that they didn't mention evolution or creationism and I mention this because I know it's important to many of my readers. 

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