Friday, April 05, 2013

More Buffalo in Bartlesville

We like to head up to Bartlesville for a couple of hours and grab some Murphy's and then hunt down some buffalo (they are actually bison, I grimace every time I type buffalo).  Anyway, I've linked to them many times in the past and here are the current Bartlesville Buffalo (bison) that we found.

"Hi Ho Silver"

Sponsor: Washington County Sheriff's Office

Artist:Kerri Fleming

Located at Washington County Sheriff's Office, 420 South Johnstone Avenue

"Sit(el)ing Bull"

Sponsor: Sitel

Artist: Kerri Fleming

Located at Sitel, 3001 East Frank Phillips

"Hands-on Fun"

Sponsor: Kiddie Park

Artist: Erin Rakes

Located at Bartlesville Kiddie Park, Corner of Cherokee and Hensley

Last time I talked about Patch, he's the Boy Scout Buffalo and he's a cutie!  That post has links to all of the buffalo that we've found so far.  Click on the link to go check them out!

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