Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Benjamin Franklin and the glass harmonica


This week in homeschool we've been studying and learning about the life of Benjamin Franklin.  I've been fascinated, he only went to school until he was 10 years old, he was one of the Founding Father's of  the United States and he invented so many things.  We also learned that he didn't patent his inventions because he wanted to share them with everyone and didn't want anyone to have to pay for them, quite a man of integrity.  I'm sure most of you know about him flying a kite with a key attached to it so he could see if electricity and lightning were in fact the same thing but did you know he also invented the lightning rod, bifocals, the Franklin stove, a carriage odometer, and the glass harmonica.  I had never heard of the glass harmonica before and was mesmerized by the beautiful sounds it made.  Here's a video so you can check
out the glass harmonica or glass 'armonica as some people call it.

We worked on a lapbook about Benjamin Franklin, click on the link and it'll take you straight to it.  Now, we're ready to dive into The Revolutionary War.  Do you have anything interesting you'd like to share with us?  If so please be sure to leave a comment! I was pretty bummed when I realized that I didn't have our Time Travelers CD for The American Revolution by Homeschool in the Woods, it must be packed and in one of our storage units.  BUMMER!!! We just love the Time Travelers CD's they are so packed full of activities.  No, I'm not reviewing the Time Traveler products I just love them and wanted to share with you!

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