Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vocab Videos

Vocab Videos brings learning vocabulary words and fun together.  The kids and I giggled a lot while watching the videos and after seeing the vocab words used in a brief clip the kids have never forgotten the meanings of the words.  We got a good chuckle over some of the words and videos, they were pretty funny. 
 Members of the crew received the Small Educator Classroom SubscriptionA small educators subscription offers parents the ability to monitor student progress, access all videos and study material, and that ability to create up to 20 individual student accounts. This yearly subscription is available for $74.99. They also offer a flashcard maker, digital worksheets and  quizzes that are modeled after the SAT style which will help your child be prepared for future testing.  If you would like to try 1 month for free click here.

Vocab Videos also offers a workbook which reinforces the 500 key words.  The cost is $11.99 for the workbook.  We didn't review this workbook but I'm sure it's helpful.

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