Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Thomas Jefferson Education

A Thomas Jefferson Education says that there are seven principles of successful education. When they are applied, learning occurs for any learning style or interests. When they are ignored or rejected, the quantity and quality of education decreases.

1.Classics, Not Textbooks

2.Mentors, Not Professors

3.Inspire, Not Require

4.Structure Time, Not Content

5.Simplicity, Not Complexity
6.Quality, Not Conformity

7.You, Not Them

I've always known that there had to be a better way to educate my children but I've only known one way and that is the way I've been doing it for the past 7 years.  I was so concerned with what I was teaching that I didn't consider the "how" and "why".  That was a huge mistake on my part.  I feel like my children are happier now and feel more successful in their school work.

This Week In History is a subscription program with new lessons that are delivered to your email by A Thomas Jefferson Education.  Each week we've received lessons with pictures, videos and links that help educate your child. This programs is $9.99 per month and has the following benefits:
relieves fear, stress and burnout

energizes your kid-school

fills in the gaps

cultivates cultural literacy

facilitates state or provincial compliance

correlates resources for co-ops, classrooms and family learning

harnesses the power of technology in a classical leadership education

harmonizes with Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, Montessori, Trivium/Quadrivium, IEW, eclectic, etc.

delivers new ideas and areas of learning to you and your child

instigates discussions and projects that expand wisdom and understanding

connects the subject areas–from music to math, from geography to world religions, from hobbies to science projects, etc.

motivates you and your students to greater excellence

To check out a sample week please click here.

To see what other homeschool families have to say about A Thomas Jefferson Education click here.

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