Friday, August 10, 2012

Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett

The past 2 weeks my family and I have been watching the Olympics as often as we can and we've enjoyed talking about all of the different sports and the countries that are attending the games.  Our children have been better at knowing the flags then my husband and myself. Ooops I guess we better study our flags better!  One day Kylan said, "What is the UK?  Is it England or part of the US?  I don't really understand about the UK."  Soooooooooooo, if you are a homeschool mom you search for a fun way to teach your children about the United Kingdom.  I just happened to come across a discount code that Amanda Bennett was offering her customers and we ended up with the Passport Europe: United Kingdom unit study.
I have a lot of friends that just rave about the Amanda Bennett unit studies but we've only used the Roller Coasters study several years ago.  I wasn't really sure what to expect but I did have very high expectations due to the rave reviews of my friends and I was NOT disappointed! 
This is a 5 day unit study and we had a great time on each and every day.

Day 1-United Kingdom
Day 2-England
Day 3-Northern Ireland
Day 4-Scotland
Day 5-Wales

Bangers and Mash

We started with a passport, and stamps for each country are included, this was a lot of fun so don't skip it.  As you travel around the United Kingdom the study has links that you click on that take you to info about the UK and also videos!  Each day you study the following :
Map work
Geography terms and features
Copy work (a scripture)
 VIP's were highlighted like the Queen
Several recipes were included-we made Irish Stew, and Bangers and Mash
The Flag
See the Science
Creatures Feature which includes art
 We made stops around the country of famous palaces, tourists spots and events with a lot of pictures and videos included so you could really get a feel for each spot.

We used the Scout study which is geared for K-6 and an Explorer unit is offered that is for older students.  In the Scout unit we used all of the lapbook pieces but didn't assemble them in a typical lapbook style because I printed off most of the pages so they could go back and read them at a later date.  I used a 3 prong notebook folder and put the pages in it then add construction paper to the front and back so we could glue our lapbook pieces to it.

This year we will be studying U.S. History so I'm sure you will see more unit studies by Amanda Bennett on here. Hint, possibly George Washington, Ben Franklin and probably Amelia Earhart.  She has many, many different topics and they aren't all about countries or history and all are resonable priced between $5 and $15 (at least all that I saw) packages were also offered. Here's a link to her product page.  I was really happy with all the time and effort she put into her studies, they are very well done and we will be using more of them in the future and I HIGHLY recommend her studies!

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