Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twitter and the F bomb

I've recently come across the need to have some guest posts on my blog and I asked several of my friends for some help and of course wonderful friends that they are, they agreed to write a guest post for me.  This is from my blogger friend ShaRhonda at The 4-Crow's. Head over and check out her blog when you get a chance.  We typically review a lot of the same things, we both review for a christian company.  She also blogs about her faith in God, her adorable children, crafts and she also blogs as Mrs Hart for The Real Housewives of Oklahoma.  Sit back with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy this post by ShaRhonda.  Oh, BTW go to her blog and find how she got her name...I just love that story! 

This guest post was written by ShaRhonda at The 4-Crow's
My favorite prime time television show recently began its 6th season. I haven't missed an episode since this show began. I won't tell you the name of it. But, I will tell you the network it airs on. Lifetime, you know Television for Women- so it boasts. My husband now watches this show with me. I laugh, cry, and even have a Twitter group of friends that I tweet back and forth with on some Sunday nights about the show, using the hashtag #armywives (oops, just gave it away). @ArmyWives has 56,883 followers including me, my group and several of the actors from the show. They only follow back 863, I, @the4crows, am included.
 Probably not after this post.
The second episode of season six aired March 11. One of the wives left the show. My husband made fun of me because I cried. My only self composed tweet for the night was this:
Then I start reading through some of the other tweets in the query. I ran across this one from one of the actors of the show who was live tweeting with the fans.
(I doctored it on purpose to protect the identity and because I didn't want the word completely reposted on my post)
Honestly, I was appalled. I know this is just a TV show. I also know that it is nothing like true Army life. I know that some people do cuss in the Army. I know that Twitter is free press. I know that some of you do not even care what I have to say or even how I feel, but I do feel strongly about this subject. One of my social media rules is that if I am following you and if you type "that" word, I unfollow you. I know you don't know me @ArmyWifeActor and that you could care less what I think or do, same as the rest of your followers and I will probably be ridiculed and get hate tweets because I choose to speak up and take a stand for my personal beliefs. Another word could have been used. That word wasn't even used in proper context, if there is such a thing for that word. Because @ArmyWives follows me I was able to Direct Message them. Here is my DM to them. At the time of this post I have not had a reply from them.
What would have you done in this situation? Do you have a similar social media policy against cursing? Have you ever taken a stand similar to this?
I will agree with all of you that I have a choice what to watch and not to watch and what to participate and not to participate in as far as television shows and social media is concerned. I hope that I can continue to watch my favorite show without further incidences such as this.


Raylea said...

Good luck! I've been on a rant lately trying to inform folks of their offensive comments & posts toward special needs kids...like jokes about the "short bus", the "r" word, etc. Often *I* have been accused of being offensive by bringing this to light! (My comments such as: "This photo/post/comment is offensive to those who have or love someone with special needs.") Some people's hearts just aren't ready to hear the truth.

I'm figuring out how to pick my battles, and when to realize that
"Fools find no pleasure in understanding but delight in airing their own opinions. Proverbs 18:2" And sometimes I may be the fool for trying to make someone understand!

Thanks for trying to make the world a less offensive place! You aren't alone :)

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Thanks Jennifer for featuring me today!

The 4-Crows Blog said...

So true Raylea. So sorry to hear that you are struggling with the issues you are. But I am so proud of you for being the strong mother and woman you are for being your child's advocate in this circumstance. You WILL make a difference, I have faith! Thank you for commenting today, remember where two or more come together...

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