Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel Nursing

I have a friend and she's a traveling nurse, so I started thinking about how exciting and what a great travel opportunity this would be.  My friend Susan has been Travel Nursing to Hawaii and I have another friend whose husband is Travel Nursing to Los Angeles, CA!  Can you imagine getting paid to travel to and work in Hawaii or LA for several months out of the year?  Wouldn't that be a fun and exciting job!!!  

If you are interested here's a link to Discover Nursing and also Travel Nursing.  I know that they pay well (sometimes up to $40 per hour), offer bonuses, wonderful benefits and  a lot of times they offer free living arrangements while on assignment. This would also be a great opportunity if you are considering moving to a new destination.  You could check it out before you move, all while getting paid!

If it were not for Travel Nursing, many places would be lacking for skilled health professionals.  I have to say that my 2 friends love Travel Nursing and mentioned that they are looking for more nurses willing to travel.  They also offer scholarships for Travel Nursing for more info click on Travel Nursing or Discover Nursing

Discover Nursing is running an Amazing Nurses contest right now and you can click on Discover Nursing to read some of the amazing stories about the top 5 finalist.

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