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Soda Stream the home soda maker

I've been so excited to review the Soda Stream soda make and just couldn't wait for it to arrive.  I was pulling up into my driveway the other day and a UPS man was on my front porch (no it wasn't my hubby either, most of you know he's a UPS driver).  I jumped out of the car and ran up to him and grabbed the box while jumping up and down and babbling excitedly, he probably thought I was a crazy woman and I'm sure he told my husband all about it when they got back to the UPS building.

Anyway, I scurried inside my house and unpacked the Soda Stream box and had it setup and working in a flash. Yes, it's super easy to set up and super easy to use. You might be asking, "What is Soda Stream?"  With a SodaStream soda maker, you'll transform ordinary water into the freshest and best-tasting seltzer and soda anytime, at the touch of a button, with no clean-up. 

We tried out the root beer flavor first and loved it, then when dad got home from work we tried out the cola flavor and it received  a big thumbs up from Kevin.  So far we've tried lemon-lime, root beer, cola, orange, ginger ale, energy drink, Dr. Pete(similar to Dr. Pepper), diet pink grapefruit (compare to Fresca) and green tea pomegranate peach and they are all pretty good.  My favorites are green tea pomegranate peach and orange.  We also tried the my water flavor essence which is supposed to make your sparkling water taste like a fruit flavor but we didn't care for it.  There are over 30 flavors to choose from, including diet flavors.  You can also mix and match flavors to make different combinations and you can use it with fruit juices and powdered drinks.  We've had a lot of fun experimenting with our Soda Stream.  Here's a link to different recipes.

A couple of great things about the Soda Stream are

  • Save space with concentrated sodamix and reusable carbonating bottles
  • No more lugging and storing heavy, bulky bottles and cans
  • No more hassles with empties in the trash or recycling bin
  • No batteries, no electricity, no plumbing
  • Over 30 flavors at the touch of a button

Here's a quick video showing how easy it is to make a drink using the Soda Stream machine.

The kids are much more excited to drink fizzy fruit juice then regular juice and they have had just as much fun mixing up different drinks as I have.  We give the Soda Stream two thumbs up at our house.  One thing I do recommend is buying more bottles, ours only came with one bottle and that just wasn't enough.  We found a set of two bottles on sale at JCPenney's and we also picked up some extra drink flavors while we were shopping.  Soda Streams can be found here, or at many other stores like Kohl's, JCPenney's, Williams-Sonoma, Sur La Table and several other stores.

Prices seem very reasonable starting at $99 and up for the carbonating machine and the syrup is $5.99 and up but each syrup bottle makes between 30-50 servings so it's well worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I carbonate drinks other than water?
No. Only water should be carbonated in the SodaStream home soda maker. You risk damaging your soda maker, not to mention making a big fizzy mess. The money-back guarantee and the warranty are both invalidated if you carbonate any liquid other than water in your soda maker.
Why does the carbonating bottle have an expiration date?
Since the bottle has to withstand recurring pressure from carbonation, it cannot be used forever. The expiration date on the bottle must be checked and new bottles purchased as soon as the former expires. The bottles must also be replaced if put in the dishwasher, exposed to a heat source, or if they have become scratched. All components of carbonating bottles are recyclable. Check with your local recycling authority for more information.

How do I clean my carbonating bottles?
Carbonating bottles may be cleaned in warm water with a bottle brush and regular dish-washing liquid if necessary. Please do not place carbonating bottles in the dishwasher, as exposure to extreme heat can weaken the integrity of the bottles. Bottles stay cleanest when rinsed and then immediately filled with fresh water and returned to your refrigerator. Plus, you'll always have cold water on hand when you're ready for your next bottle of soda.

How long does the soda last before going flat?
The hermetic seal on the cap keeps your soda from going flat as quickly as ordinary store-bought beverages. If you make sure to close the cap tightly, and keep the bottle in the refrigerator, your SodaStream soda should remain fizzy and fresh for over a week.

How often will I have to replace my carbonator?
On average, the carbonator will make 60 liters of soda, and this number could be more or less depending on the amount of carbonation used when making your drink. A household of four soda drinkers might need to replace a 60-liter carbonator every 6-8 weeks, depending on usage.

Are SodaStream products kosher?
SodaStream products are kosher (OU) certified (OU kosher certificate). SodaStream seltzer is kosher for Passover (OUP). Also, please note that your home drink maker can be used on the Sabbath.

We LOVE taking the soda stream with us on vacation, you don't need any electricity or batteries or anything like that so it's easy to use and you have an almost endless supply of drinks to choose from all from the comfort of your hotel room.

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Candice said...

We received on too...and just love it!

Jill said...

Oh I would LOVE a soda stream - thanks for showing me lots more reasons why I should! I'm adding it to my Christmas list! Fingers crossed!!!

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