Thursday, October 27, 2011

Say Anything Family by North Star Games-TOS Review

Our family was also given a wonderful opportunity to review a second game by North Star games called Say Anything Family.  Say Anything Family is a family friendly game in which you have the opportunity to say what you think.  We were laughing and having fun throughout the whole game, both of my children loved this one too and asked to play it over and over.  Head over and buy this game at,  and several online retailers including Amazon and find out what hilarious things your family will say.  Say Anything Family Editions retails for $19.99.

The setup on this game was easy because everyone gets a small dry erase board and marker, one person reads the question from the deck of cards starting with "In my opinion..." and everyone writes down what they feel the answer should be.  An example of one card is, "In my opinion, What song most reminds me of being a little kid?"
A couple of answers were

The wheels on the bus go round and round...
Jesus loves me this I know
Itsy bitsy spider

then the person reading the opinion card gets to pick the one he/she likes best.  Everyone votes on what the card reader will pick by placing two tokens on that answer. Finally, the answer is announced.

We had some really hilarious answers and a lot of times they were the same because we all know each other so well!

If you would like to see what some of the other TOS crew mates have to say about Say Anything Family editions please click here.

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Cranberry Morning said...

Sounds like fun. I like finding a new game that everyone will love. Not an easy task.

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