Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blue Hole

Thanks to a friend we found out about the Blue Hole last year, I have to say it's probably the coldest water in Oklahoma that we've found but it's so much fun and soooo refreashing on these hot 100 degree days!!! We take Hwy 20 toward Pryor then head to Salina and the Blue Hole is seven miles east of Salina on Kenwood Road. It's only $5 per carload to get in and they don't allow alcohol, drugs, etc. so it's a family friendly place BUT I had never been on the weekend and it's VERY busy! If you can sneak away on a weekday it's not that busy. I'm hoping to head back out to the Blue Hole this summer with our homeschool group and another time with some more friends!
This time we were enjoying our swim and visiting with our friends Matt and Sarah and all of the sudden Kevin says, "We gotta get out right now and leave!" I'm thinking he's crazy because we had only been swimming for about 1 hour and I really wanted to stay for longer, then he tells me to look at the was turning black, a storm was headed our way. So we all get out and get in the suburban and leave and as soon as we get on the road the heavens open up and it is a MAJOR downpour! We decide to stop at a place called Pig N Out in Salina...funny name but REALLY yummy food and it was so unbelievably cheap too! Kevin and Matt were kind enough to get out in the rain and order for us and then stand around and wait while our order is being prepared.


Dawn said...

Oh, Jenn, I wish I had known you were going on a weekend and I could have forewarned you! LOL! It's too packed.

I loved seeing your pictures. They are a completely different perspective from where we always perch ourselves. We go across the little road through the creek to the other side so we can sit under those big shade trees.

Pig'n Out is AWESOME!! We love that place.

I'm so glad so many are enjoying one of my favorite childhood places.

Although, now that i think about it, if I keep telling people about it it's just going to get busier and busier. LOL!

Chad and Dana said...

Looks like tons of fun! We may have to check it out!!
Great pictures!

The 4-Crows Blog said...

After we went and I posted pics on FB and the RHOK blog, two of my friends went that same day you went! Your pics were great!

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