Wednesday, September 02, 2009

First Day of Homeschool 2009-2010

Notice that Kenzie has her Homeschool Girl shirt on for the 1st day!

Since we are studying the Prairie Primer I gave each of them a "Prairie" pencil sharpener and pencil from the Little House gift shop.

The kids are really excited about school this year because we normally use My Father's World curriculum but decided to take a break from it this year and we are using the Prairie Primer which is based on The Little House on the Prairie series of books. We have several friends and family that are using it this year too so I am hoping we can all get together and do some of the larger projects with the "Prairie Primer's". So far this year we have made butter and cheese, made Indian teepee's, homemade bread, we washed some clothes by hand to see how hard it was with out a machine, made molasses cookies, and we are working on Little House in the Big Woods lap books right now.
We also started a new art curriculum because I didn't think they were getting very much out of the art class that they took last year with Young Rembrandt's. This year we are using a curriculum from How Great Thou Art that has DVDs and you watch the lesson and then do the work and we are using the I Can Do All Things set. I bought enough supplies so that I can do art with the kids. We really enjoy our art time together.
We are also using a great science curriculum this year from Apologia and it's the zoology 2 book called Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day and the kids LOVE science so much that I think we will probably finish it up before Christmas and then start on another book for the new year. Thanks for reading about some of our school curriculum this year and if you have any great curriculum or ideas for home school then leave me a comment!

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Jamie said...

Hi, This is our first year to homeschool. I have an 11 yr old son in the 5th grade. We have started the year with MFW Exploring Countries and Cultures, but we were doing LLATL and reading Farmer Boy and we decided to start the Prairie Primer when we finish Europe. I'm so excited to have found your blog. Are you in Oklahoma? I am interested in the Prairie days thing you were talking about in Kansas, but the link didn't work.

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