Thursday, September 24, 2009

Floating down the street

On Monday it poured at our house and when I say poured I mean it was like 4" of rain in an hour, it was CRAZY!!!! Kevin tried to get home from work at a decent time that day and couldn't make it home because our street was flooded, he had to park the car and walk home but at heast he was home (he's been working many, many hours the past couple of weeks). He decided to go have some fun with the rising water and he put on his swim trunks and went and got a tube to float on. It was too small for him so he went and got some noodles that you play with in the pool. I videoed him, you have to check it out, too funny!


Dawn's Diversions said...

What a fun way to enjoy so much rain!!!

Guest said...

JENNIFER!!! oh my goodness!!!! kevin's hilarious...hope you all are well...i'm trying to pack...many blessings! ; )

Guest said...

that was me up there rambling... ~ashley~

Kate said...

That is hilarious! Kevin is such a sport! I am amazed your streets flooded like that. What a great memory for the kids.

Anonymous said...

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