Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bill Nye the science guy.

Most of us have heard about Bill Nye but I never really paid attention until I came across his DVD at the library 2 days ago and realized that it was about deserts and guess what??? We have just finished studying deserts in science. This was perfect for the kids to watch today and go over what we had previously learned. I went online and ordered all of the upcoming things we are learning about in school like lakes and rivers, and water info so now we will have something fun to watch after we finish our science units. My kids really remembered a lot of what we had learned but enjoyed hearing it and seeing it on TV. At the end of the video is a quiz and the got 100% correct!
If you don't have access to his videos at your library check him out on YouTube

Warning: For those of you homeschooling you may want to preview the video first because I noticed that one of them is about evolution and I don't know what he says about it and I know most of us are NOT teaching about evolution but creation!

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Steph said...

thanks for the idea. i love to learn about things to do with the boys. thanks for your great ideas. you are amazing to do all you do.


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