Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween day and night

Every year it seems like we are always in such a HUGE rush all day on Halloween and this year of course was NO exception. We started the day off at our homeschool coop and the kids had their first 2 classes and then we went downstairs to do a safety demo with the fire and police dept from our town. They did such a wonderful job and set up 5 station for the kids to go through and learn different safety issues. They even brought in the K-9 dog and he did some tricks for the kids.
After coop we headed home for a rushed lunch and then on to Grammy's house to see the cousins and show Grammy their costumes. It was fun because Kylan and Devin are both into STAR WARS and had to have a "pretend fight" of good vs. evil and the girls were princesses except Brooke she was Dumbo! We also got to see daddy dressed up as a UPS man...hmm that brings back memories of Kylan and his UPS costume from a couple of years ago.
Then, onto Kevin's parents house before they left for Lake of the Ozarks. While I was at their house we had a surprise visitor and it was one of their neighbors coming to introduce herself to me because we go to the same church and she's in our small group. I was so excited to meet her and can't wait to know her better.
Then, we headed home to meet Kevin and we were off to the Rosses house (they were our neighbors years ago) and they have a Halloween party EVERY year and this was our 14th year to go to their party. She always makes yummy food but the big draw is her chilie. Oh, it's the bomb dot com!!! We then went trick or treating in our old neighborhood and then home to trick or treat in our neighborhood! WHEW it was a VERY long day and as soon as we walked in the door Kylan went up brushed his teeth and got in bed. Kenzie stayed up to look at all of her goodies and decide which piece of candy she could have. I'm so glad today was a relaxing day because I don't know that I could handle another super busy day. Whoever says that homeschooled kids don't have socialization are so wrong I think our kids have a very busy social life!


Sandra said...

We had a winter storm come through this past week and that was our first snow for the this new season. Thank goodness it is all but melted now. :)

Steph said...

you have changed your sweet little blog. it looks great. wow you guys had a super busy day. it was great to connect with you on Friday. I felt a little silly but oh well!! Hope to see ya soon.

Kellee said...

The pictures are great! I love the one of the boys fighting, and Paige looks so sassy. I should have our halloween pics up tonight. You should check them out. I painted a trunk on Brookes face for her Dumbo costume. It was so cute!

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