Sunday, November 02, 2008

Flower smeller award

UPDATE: I now know that sometimes teachers can't count...should I really be teaching my kids? I said that I would give 5 awards and I gave out 6. So excuse the mistake please!

I was awarded a Flower Smeller Award by Sandra's Little Thoughts for being her blogger friend. Sometimes when we do a small act of kindness for someone it is no big deal but for the person who noticed becomes meaningful. I'm glad for small acts of kindness they make my world meaningful and joyful. This is the link to read why I was awarded the Flower Smeller Award.

Also, here are my 5 picks for the Flower Smeller award. I am passing it on to:

Ashley because even when bad things are going on she makes it funny and I love reading her posts she so happy and posititve all of the time. I also have her capes and she hasn't yelled at me for not returning them ; )

Christy because she does so much on her blog from homeschooling, church and Christian issues, fun with friends, family, her girly girls, her husband and community issues she really is super mom and I look up to her. Also, because when I grow up I want to be like her!

Kellee because she's my sister and is trying to document her first year of homeschooling and it looks like they are having a fun year and she makes the best out of sometimes difficult situations!

Mika because of her love for Korea, travel, adoption- 3 things that are VERY close to my heart!

Sarah because she was there when I needed a friend and of course who can resist her sweet pics of baby Eli (he's not really a baby anymore but the kids still call him baby Eli so it just stuck).

Traci because she's Living the Good Life and blogs about lots of things and has some funny stories. My fav is her scaring her daughter with a dressed up dummy!

Of course I have so many more blogger buddies that if I could give out an award to everyone of them then I would and each and every one would have a special meaning to me. I love reading everyone's blogs and learning more and more about your precious families!

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Kellee said...

I finally saw that I got an award. How have I missed that? I kept seeing people say "thanks for the award", but I never could find what they were talking about. Duh! Anyway, thanks for the award. You know how to make a girl feel "special".

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