Monday, October 13, 2008

Review of last week-this one is long

Brooke on the monkey bars
Kenzie swinging
Kylan playing at Funtastic island park
Talking about pond life
The docent from the Tulsa zoo

Our picnic at Will Rogers Birthplace
Kenzie feeding the goats
Skylar feeding the goats
Tristan and Seth feeding the goats

Kathryn, Darian and Makenzie
Piggie pizza
Kylan and his friend Jack (Kylan is so happy that they have matching aprons)

Since I was so busy with the JBF sale (see previous post) I didn't have time to post last week so here is the week in review.

My sis in law came into town and I hardly got to see her due to working all the time buy my wonderful husband took the kids to see her several times during the week, the kids finished up their 7 week course at our church. Makenzie's Kid U course was soccer and Kylan's was Outdoor Adventure the next 7 weeks they are going to be taking martial arts and they are super excited and can't wait!

The kids started hip hop class but when we got to class the teacher was sick so it was canceled so today is actually their first day.

The library had a zoo docent come and talk about pond life animals.

Kellee (my sis) and her kids came to play one day.

My mom found us a free used desk for Kylan and some dividers that they use in offices for our school room.

I broke my toe and then 3 days later I twisted my ankle again and it's almost totally black on one side! YUCK!!!

Coop was fun and the kids made piggie pizza's in cooking class.

We had a vision screening for our homeschool group and Kylan passed but Kenzie didn't so it looks like glasses are in her future!

Kylan was asked to me Makenzie's escort for the Owasso Band Homecoming court. Makenzie was asked to be the little flower girl princess and her escort backed out so they asked Kylan. We went and got him fitted for his tux and I told him you sure do look handsome and he said, "I know". Wish I had that much self confidence!!!

We celebrated Sierra's(our niece) birthday while she's in town.

Kevin's parents had their 4 kids together so they had them choose items that were from Grandma and Grandpa Wedemeyer's house. We heard some great memories from that session.

This was the last week our church is going to be in the gym next week we will be in the actual sanctuary that was re-modeled.

Oh, I forgot that we also went back to Will Roger's Bithplace and had a picnic and small field trip with some homeschool friends.

This is a typical week in the Wedemeyer house but I usually am not entering tags for the JBF sale so that made it even more crazy then normal and in between all of this we have to do school!

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Christy R said...

My, you've been busy! How do you do it all?!?! I guess that's just how it is when you're Wonder Woman!

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