Friday, October 17, 2008


Last night was the big night for our kids. They were the flower girl and crown bearer at the homecoming ceremony for our town's high school. Yes, I know that they are both homeschooled and not in the public school system but it just worked out that we have been friends with the homecoming Queen since she was a baby and Kevin and I have felt like she was our "adopted daughter" for years and years. Taylor and her brother Conner were our "kids" before we had our own and we have learned many valuable parenting tips from their parents Mark and Christy. It almost surreal to see Taylor all grown up and a Sr in high school and going off to college next year. She was such a cute little baby the first time we met her and now she's almost off on her own and such a wonderful young lady. I know that our kids look up to her and we couldn't ask for a better role model in life then Taylor. All eyes were focused on Taylor and our kids were so happy to part of her special night and it's something that they will remember forever.

I have to say thank you to Ashley for the use of her beautiful black fur capelet that she let Makenzie borrow last night. Without it on I know Makenzie would have been a frozen popsicle because her dress was sleeveless. THANKS ASHLEY!

I also have to say thanks to all of our family that made it last night and came out to support our kids! We really appreciate you being there and those of you that couldn't make it thanks for all of the encouraging words! The kids were a little nervous but did a great job.

Also, thanks to Lanette at Too Blonde Salon for making Makenzie's hair (she has a ton of it) look fabulous! It's still curly today because she was too tired from all the fun to come home and wash her hair


Sandra said...

How fun and so adorable!

Sandra said...

O man! Sandra and Littleflame are one person. Darn it! Would have more comments together. Oh well as long as you know I that I love ya! :)

mylittlegems said...

Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love your banner and all of your fun photos with pumpkins! love it!

Kellee said...

They looked so great! It's funny because if you didn't know better, they look like they are the same age...kinda like twins!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

My friend went to that game....what a small world. I'll have to tell her about your children. She was disgusted w/ the field and money spent on it when there are so many more places the money could have been spent in education. FYI, she homeschools also...teee heeee.

Also, can't wait to try the cupcakes....YUMMMMMMY!!!! They will go w/ my caramel apple cider!!!!

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