Sunday, January 03, 2010

Reading challenge

Everyone that knows me probably knows that I LOVE to read and that I read a lot in my spare time (spare time what is that). Anyway one of my blogger buddies Michelle is joining a reading challenge and last year the challenge was to read 100 books and she made it through 9 books, I'm proud of her because if you aren't a reader that's pretty good!!! I on the other hand will probably finish the 100 book challenge pretty early in the year. I really don't know how many books I read a year but it's a bunch especially if I find a good series that I get really interested in. Last year I read the whole Yada Yada Prayer Group series and loved it so much! If you have a great series or even just a single book leave me a comment so I can read it too!
The link to the 100 book reading challenge is right here so sign up today.

The books that I read will be posted in a sidebar.
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