Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Old Fashioned-the movie

Old Fashioned DVD
Old Fashioned comes out on DVD today!

My opinion:

My family and I watched this movie together and it did seem to start out a little bit slow but the story built and built and came together nicely.  My husband and 2 young teenagers all said they enjoyed it and thought it was refreshing to see that sweet spin on courtship and romance.  
Too often, we see people hopping into bed on the first date and that's not the type of movie I feel good about showing on family night or actually any night!  There is a need out there for wholesome movies that the entire family can enjoy together and not have to say cover your ears due to all of the cursing or close your eyes because of the nudity.  This is THAT movie, everyone from grandma down to the youngest member of your family can watch this and get something from it.  I walked away from it hoping to instill in my son just how much of a gentleman Clay was.  Chivalry is NOT dead and is making a comeback.  I think men and women are searching for something different and this goes to show that not doing the so called "normal" dating can turn out to bring the greatest joy!

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Clay is well-known for his outdated theories on romance and love. When he meets Amber, a free-spirited, spontaneous young woman, he gives up his rational theories, while Amber overcomes her emotional wounds to engage in an old-fashioned courtship.

  1. Critic reviews
    A faith-based drama that looks as lovely as an expensive greeting card, but moves as slowly as a somnolent turtle.
    Joe Leydon·Variety
    Old Fashioned works hard to live up to its title. But it works just as hard to be a really good (in _every_ sense of that word) romance.
    Adam R. Holz·Plugged In
    It must be pretty neat to make a movie that mostly consists of people telling you how chivalrous and morally right you are and how much everybody loves you.
    Ignatiy Vishnevetsky·A.V. Club

I don't have a giveaway for you this time but keep reading and watching because I will have one that includes this movie toward the end of the month.

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