Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day gift re-creation

Back in June of 2008 the kids and I came up with the idea to make a fun gift for their dad.  We dressed Makenzie up as weekend dad, which is a golfer.

and we dressed Kylan up as weekday dad, which is a UPS delivery man.  If you decide to do this for the man in your life please send me pics, we'd LOVE to see them!

It's so fun to look back and see how gigantic those clothes were on the kids.  Kylan was still only 6 years old and Makenzie had just turned 8 the day before.  Fun times!

Fast forward 7 years and Makenzie just turned 15 on Friday 

and Kylan is 13 years old and he looks like he could possibly be a UPS driver!

Here are the finished projects and a link to the 2008 Father's Day post



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