Thursday, April 30, 2015

Boom!!! I finished Whole30

As I've been telling you about my Whole30 journey I kept wondering what will happen when I finish?  Will I slip back into my old habits of eating sugar everyday, pasta, bread, oats, and all of the other delicious yummy treats that you can't eat on Whole30?  Nope, I decided that I'm going Paleo now at least 80-90% of the time.  I've been doing really good in my transitional phase and still enjoy making my meals.  You can follow along on Instagram I'm JustWedeminute and also on Twitter @JustWedeminute.  I've tried to post daily pictures of my meals to help keep me accountable and also to encourage others that Whole30 and Paleo don't have to be boring or yucky meals.  Paleo isn't quite as strict as Whole30 so I'll have a little more freedom to play around with ingredients but basically you're not supposed to eat anything that a "caveman" wouldn't eat.  If I'm not sure I usually google it...LOL I'm kind silly like that.

I love making an egg frittata and just adding whatever veggies I have available to it.  This one was tomato, spinach and onions and was delicious.

As most of you know, my children are adopted from South Korea so we eat a lot of Asian food.  Which  means rice, rice and more rice.  Well, one minor rice allowed on Whole30!  I was really struggling with this rule because we eat a lot of rice at our house and I felt deprived.  I'd make rice for my family and sit and jealously watch them eat it until I found out about cauliflower rice.  I felt like a ray of sunshine was sent down and I was all happy and smiley.  All you do is chop up a head of cauliflower and add to blender, chopper or whatever you have that can chop it up into rice sized pieces.  I make a container a week and then just fry it up in some coconut oil with some garlic and whatever spices I feel like using.  Sometimes I also add a little coconut milk(no added sugar) to make it nice and sweet.  It's an easy way to get a helping of veggies in.

We usually order a Bountiful Basket once a week so we always have plenty of fresh fruit to make different types of fruit salads.

I do love to make pancakes on the weekend and sit around for a family breakfast, but nope you can't have traditional pancakes on this. So, I found a recipe that calls for a really ripe smashed up banana and 2 eggs and then fry in coconut oil. YUM!  I usually add some fruit and a dollop of cashew or almond butter to top it off because syrup has sugar or sweeteners in it.

To go with many of my items I needed some bacon.  I searched all over the place for this Pederson's bacon with NO SUGAR.  It was well worth the search, I finally found it at Sprout's.

I just found out about using a sweet potato as a bun for hamburgers and I have to say that it's really delicious and I don't miss the buns at all!

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