Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Vita Rocks

Do you remember the candy Pop Rocks? I loved them as a kid they were one of my absolute favorites!  I even tried pop rocks and soda pop together and no I didn't explode, I'm still here to tell about it, LOL.

Well, I've found something for my kids that's even better than Pop Rocks!  It's called Vita Rocks and they can have their "candy" and get their vitamins at the same time.  I never have to remind my kids to take their vitamins anymore, now they automatically get up and want to take the best tasting vitamins first thing in the morning. We were sent the three flavors that are available

Grape Gusher

Cherry Blast

and both of my kids favorites Lemon Burst
Vita Rocks can be purchased online by click on any of the above links they are $9.95 for a box of 14 packets.
Most of you know that I homeschool so I don't have to pack a lunch everyday for my kiddos but for those of you that do pack a lunch this would be the perfect lunch box treat!

Getting healthy nutrients into a picky eater’s diet has never been easy. Children require vitamins and minerals to nourish a growing, developing body but don’t often get those nutrients in the foods they enjoy. VitaRocks™ can help! VitaRocks™ offers an excellent source of vitamins A, B, C, D, & E as well as minerals in the form of an all-natural, great tasting, popping candy! Kids love it! And so do their parents! VitaRocks™… Vitamins that POP!

My Opinion
Vita Rocks are the best things since Pop Rocks were invented, my kids love the great flavors and they love have fun it is to take their vitamins in the morning.  This product is pure genius, especially for a picky child that might now like taking vitamins.  I tried them and they do taste very similar to Pop Rocks and don't have a vitamin taste to them at all.  I love knowing that my kids are taking their vitamins on a daily basis now and thanks to Vita Rocks I don't even have to remind them! 
In the next week or so I will be reviewing several more products from To Go Brands!

One of my lucky readers will get a sample of the 3 Vita Rocks flavors.  Please fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

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Ashley P. said...

stopping by from the UBP - I would enter the giveaway but I am Canadian....feel free to visit me over at http://www.talesofmommyhood.com/2012/04/ubp-12.html

Unknown said...

I love book reviews :)

Unknown said...

i would like to try the high octain energy chews :)

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