Monday, January 23, 2012

We Choose Virtues-TOS reivew

  • Attentive

  • Content

  • Diligent

  • Forgiving

  • Gentle

  • Helpful

  • Honest

  • Kind

  • Obedient

  • Patient

  • Perseverant

  • Self-Controlled

  • If I've just described your children then you probably won't need to use this product BUT for the rest of us We Choose Virtues can be a life saver or at least a sanity saver.  Here's a synopsis of

    How it Works

    We Choose Virtues is not unit study that you use once and then move on from. It is actually a character development tool that you use  every day, every year. You introduce the Virtues, then demonstrate them, memorize the catchphrases, then learn the antonyms, then capture teachable moments when they are being used…or aren’t. You will be amazed how fast you will all learn to obey (not just learn what obedience is, but actually learn to obey!)…and 11 other Virtues too! There are 13 Parenting Cards, one card is the Butterfly and Caterpillar Card. It teaches that everyone was born able to change.
    • PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS, we encourage you to introduce one Virtue every day, preferably at the very beginning of each day. Next, assign a Virtue in Focus to each member of the family and start choosing and using Virtue! You will be amazed at the changes you will see as you encourage the right attitudes and actions and correct the wrong ones! You will want to reinforce the Virtues over and over every day no matter where you are. Eventually they will be a part of your family’s life style as you thoroughly demonstrate, memorize and apply each one.
    • TEACHERS, you are free to start with any Virtue you choose. Your school might have a character education system in place and one of these Virtues will most likely reinforce what ever character quality you are already working on. We encourage you to introduce one Virtue every week, preferably at the very beginning of each day for the first twelve weeks of school. This does not need to take a long time. 10 minutes is enough. You will be reinforcing the same Virtues over and over the entire year, so you will have plenty of time to thoroughly demonstrate, memorize and apply each one.
    We received a packet of the virtue clues and they have helped my son's attitude so much.  They have actually helped him to change his life, he remembers all the little quotes and the people that go with those quotes (just a fun part of the whole program).   We would study a virtue each week and make sure we knew all about that virtue for the week, it even helped me remember to talk in a soft voice and not yell!  Even though my kids are 10 and 11 the program is for younger children but I think they enjoyed using We Choose Virtues, we will continue with the weekly virtue, it was good for the whole family.  I hung the Virtues poster in our kitchen so we can all remember to follow each and every virtue.  Makenzie and Kylan have also made it into a game by trying to outdo each other and outdo mom and dad by remembering their virtues, they even help each other out by saying, "I don't think you are using your Attentive virtue, go read it quickly"
    The virtue clues are $5.99 right now.

    They also offer many other products like
     The Kids Book of Virtues coloring book

    and a family character assessment to help you figure out which character qualities you might need to work on.

     Overall, I give this program 2 thumbs up because it really did seem to help my kids remember the character quality we were working and they thought it was fun, I loved the fact that it was color co-ordinated and easy to use.

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