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Heart of Gold-book review

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Against Shannon's wishes, love stakes its claim in her heart. Will she discover treasure or treachery?
When Shannon Adair accompanies her minister father to the western gold rush town of Grand Coeur, she's certain she'll never be happy away from her beloved Virginia, even though the South is still gripped in civil war.
Wells Fargo driver Matthew Dubois isn't sure the lovely Shannon belongs in Idaho Territory either, but he is a desperate man. His widowed sister is dying and leaving her young son, Todd, in his care. Matthew wants to return to driving coach for the express company soon—so he'll have to find a wife to look after the boy when he's away.
Shannon is determined not to lose her heart to a man who is neither a Southerner nor a gentleman. But love stakes its claim. Now, will her heart survive learning the truth behind the courtship?

Heart of Gold swept me up in a fantastic story that involves the mine fields of Idaho, a Southern bell, the Civil War, death and love all woven together perfectly.  I just couldn't read this book quick enough to take it all in and it only took me 2 days to read the entire book.  I love historical fiction and romance and this was perfect because it was also a christian book.  I give it 4 out of 5 stars because it is just a tad bit slow in the beginning but definitely picks up!  Shannon's attitude in the beginning of the book was horrid especially for a young, christian woman but I enjoyed watching her mature in her walk with the Lord through the book and at the end she had changed her heart and life, very satisfying read!

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